Becherovka and Fizz (and Happy New Year!!)

Becherovka and Fizz

Happy New Year! I gladly welcome you, 2013. I’ve been trying to come up with my resolutions, and I’m really drawing a blank. I have an intense love of resolutions, but now that I’m writing about these, ideas are coming in droves. 3 seems like a good solid number, so let’s cull the masses of inspiration and narrow it down. What do you say?

  1. After the holiday glut of decadent eating and drinking, I figure most of us (except the very disciplined of us, of course) want to cleanse the palate and generally try to live a little healthier. I could definitely go that route after my week-long holiday back home. Therefore, I resolve to run 4 races this year. One every 3 months, so I always have one to be working toward.
  2. In the vein of cleansing my palate, preparing my lunch during the weekdays to avoid spending the outrageous amounts on midtown lunches. Saving myself 1 day for a bagel, each week.
  3. Since starting Roxie Ginger back in July, I’ve come to enjoy writing and working on improving it. My goal is to write something – maybe not an entire post, and maybe not even something that I will share with anybody else – but write something every day.

Are there any that I might be missing? What are some of yours?

Now that that is settled, let me come back to the task at hand, introducing you (or maybe not!?) to a new drink we discovered on New Year’s Eve. A few years ago a friend of mine brought back a bottle of Becherovka from a trip to Prague. An herbal, spiced liqueur, it wasn’t love at first taste, but it was intriguing enough to keep me coming back.

After a while, it grew on me, but I couldn’t find the perfect way to incorporate this into a cocktail. In this month’s GQ, an interesting recipe for a gin and tonic-esque recipe featuring this tasty herbal apertif sparked my interest. It hadn’t ever occurred to me to use tonic water, so I adapted this recipe to be consistent with my already urban family favorite gin and tonic recipe.

It was a show-stopper, as its unique, warming flavor in a familiar setting seems to be just the right libation to ring in the New Year.

Becherovka and Fizz

Becherovka and Fizz

What you’ll need (per glass):

  • Becherovka – 1 shot
  • Lemon – juice from 1 wedge
  • Blue Agave Syrup – a tiny squirt (there is no precise measurement, just use sparingly to your taste)
  • Tonic Water – to taste  (I used a 1.5oz bottle of Fever Tree Tonic Water that tasted great)
  • Ice – 4 cubes
  1. Place ice in glass and squeeze lemon over top. Squeeze in the agave syrup and then the Becherovka. Give a stir and then fill rest of glass with tonic water. Serve with a lemon twist or garnish, if you prefer.

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