Spiked Watermelon Lemonade


This coming Sunday will see this little blog turn 1 year old. Happy Birthday, Roxie Ginger – it’s been a good run so far. Let’s see a bit more of one another from here on out, what do you say? You’re cool with that? Excellent.

The past 6 weeks have been a whirlwind of big changes, which is becoming a theme of this year methinks. I’m a wood ox in the Chinese zodiac and wasn’t expecting all of this. They say you’ve got to be open to change sometimes and there is no time like the present. Therefore, I’m just rolling with it.

Hrmmm, changes – summer is in full force; I’ve decided to switch jobs, started to see a nutritionist, as well as began practicing yoga. All of these have meant that recipe creation has taken a back burner for a wee bit. I’m happy to say I am taking the front seat once again of my mental and physical wellbeing and am ready to move forward.

Entertaining during the summer months is always a top priority of mine, which means some drinks will be had. Getting friends around a table for board games outside or just some conversation and good music is my idea of paradise. My love of entertaining, coupled with the fact that New York is a drinking town can be at odds with a healthier lifestyle, and it can be especially challenging on nights when willpower is low. While I know that no boozy recipe could be called super diet friendly, this one eliminates a lot by not using pre-made lemonade.

Cheers to the birthday, girl. Cheers to summer. Cheers to big steps forward.

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