Fusilli with Clam Sauce

I know this recipe doesn’t follow the strictly traditional version we’re used to seeing, which typically uses linguine. However, I like to make it with fusilli for the way the pasta catches the sauce. I typically use quinoa-based pasta and fresh clams. However, canned clams will do, and if you prefer standard linguine – go for it.

This recipe is easy and not super expensive, but it is dependent on the freshness and flavor of the ingredients to really stand out. Try to not buy the clams until the day you’re going to cook them, and if you need to shop ahead, make sure you put the clams in a bowl of cool water and keep it (uncovered) in the refrigerator. It will help keep them from opening, a trick I learned from Mr. Mark Bittman’s quintessential How to Cook Everything.

If you use fresh clams, it can be labor intensive to cut the clam meat out before you’re eating, so Davis and I just pick them out before we go to town on the bowl. When serving others, I cut out the meat ahead of time and toss it in the pasta. Either way, the pay off is there.

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