Spinach Salad with Sautéed Green Beans and Curried Chicken

I have a sensitivity to coconut milk, which might be one of the more specific food allergies/sensitivities I’ve heard of, but I’m lucky in that its not an incredibly limiting affliction…except when coupled with Davis’ peanut allergy. With our powers combined, we have to show some pretty serious caution when going to eat Southeast Asian cuisine.

The bright side is that we can often find a compromise in curries. I happened upon this recipe when shopping through my refrigerator in an effort to use some chicken that I had intended for another dish. A dish that I had forgotten (*cough* gotten too lazy *cough*) to shop for on my way home, but that forgetfulness paid off in the end, because we were able to come upon a new favorite.

We like to put the chicken on top of a spinach salad and use the extra sauce as the base for a tasty salad dressing. However, you can easily eat this as a meat and two sides. It’s equally delicious with some simple rice, pan fried potatoes or steamed asparagus.

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