Blue Cheese Biscuits


Let me state off the front that I don’t just use blue cheese in everything, I promise. That said, in the not-so-distant past I bought a huge wedge of blue cheese to help with a small obsession of mine. Would it be weird to say that I often have fantasies of spinach salads topped with craisins and crumbly blue cheese? Yeah, it’s weird. I thought so too.

After making all of those salad fever dreams come true, I had an obscene amount of blue cheese left over and had to find different ways to use it; I put some on zucchini, I stuffed some red peppers with it, and even melted it over apple slices for a tasty sandwich filling.  Even after making all of these entrees, I still had cheese leftover. 

As I had recently acquired the Art of French Cooking, I once again went to Julia for guidance. “What should I do with this leftover cheese?” I asked her ever so nicely, and she responded in kind with her Galettes au Roquefort, which, being the cook that I am, I decided to add a few tweaks here and there. Be warned, this recipe makes quite a few if you keep them small and cook quickly.

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