Bacon-Wrapped Figs

As I am coming to the end of a week that I could only describe as “intense”, I find myself listening to Stevie Wonder and cuddling with a cat. I am trying to get up the gumption to go make something to eat, and am feeling a strangely absent of the desire to do anything.  Now nobody in the history of my existence has ever accused me (not to my face anyway) of being capable of relaxing. Somehow, doing nothing is almost rarely ever on the agenda. You can ask my perpetually bemused husband, how often I can sit through a movie without finding some other task in which to occupy myself.

I realize that even for the most high strung and task oriented of us, there are days when you just don’t – don’t have anything in the kitchen to make, don’t have time to get to the store, don’t have the energy to finagle something magical, but at the same time know you won’t be satisfied with something being delivered. We’re humans, our feelings aren’t meant to make sense all the time. Today, I think I’ve found my secret weapon for a mood like this and that hardly-hidden cure is right out there in the open… and guess what, it’s sweet, savory and easy.

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Pasta Carbonara

Pasta carbonara is something that I’d actually never tried until I moved to NYC. We ate a lot of pasta when I was a kid, but normally pasta was with tomato sauce and that was about it. Lately, Davis has been the one to break out this dish on nights when I get home late from work. It is incredibly easy to make and always super filling. I normally am not one for carb-bomb dinners, but Davis can’t get enough of them. Somehow, he manages to stay rail-thin in spite of his predilection for less than nutritious fare. Life isn’t fair.

This weekend, with the slightly cooler breeze coming through the windows, I decided to make an all out carbonara feast. A small thank you, if you will, for him always trying to make it easier for me to come through the doors after a rough day

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