Cauliflower and Red Pepper Soup


I’ve got a confession that might put my marriage in jeopardy – I’ve been carrying on a long and torrid affair…with soup.  For years, I’ve been engaged in an intensely passionate side relationship that borders on obsessive. I wade with my love in a deep river of emotion and in the immortal words of Emma Thompson “true love lasts a lifetime.” (Extra points to anyone who can identify what movie that is from.)

Soup season is tragically coming to an end. As the temps pick up, making a big steaming pot of anything is sadly losing a bit of its allure. I’m not sure how many recipes I write up that consist of me entertaining friends on the fly and having to utilize what’s readily on hand. It’s a reoccurring theme on Roxie Ginger and really why would this be any different?  Continue reading

Cream of Mushroom Soup

For my birthday this year, Davis bought me my long coveted The Art of French Cooking by the larger than life, Julia Child. I have had this on my Christmas list for about 5 years and at a certain point, I became determined that this must be a gift to me given to my by someone else and not something I would buy for myself. This year, I received an Amazon gift card from my father in law and decided “well heck, this is close enough” and resolved to purchase it for myself. Before I got a chance, true gem that he is, Davis had already picked me up a copy on a recent business trip in New York.

I have been dog-earring recipes to try all week. First on my list was Cream of Mushroom soup, which has been a long-standing contender on my favorite soup list. This version is definitely decadent but it made my husband, a former non-mushroom eater, actually ask for seconds. Not something Campbell’s can claim.

This recipe makes a lot for a two-person household, which is for the best considering our upcoming move. The frenzy has our household in a total tizzy, and we could benefit from some leftovers.

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Ahhh, gazpacho. My favorite of all summer things. I apologize for all the tomato-heavy posts lately, but ‘tis the season, so to speak. When living in the Northeastern United States, I always looked forward the produce output of August. What other time of year can you find plump, fire-engine red tomatoes with a flavor so intense it (almost) makes you sad for cooler temps?  This being my first year in Barcelona, I’m not sure what I can really expect from the produce season. Maybe the novelty of being able to get delicious summer fruits later in the year will wear off, but then again, I seriously doubt that.

Gazpacho can be a personal, creative dish depending on your mood or whatever ingredients you happen to have at hand. I like mine as simple as can be: tomato, garlic, bread and olive oil. However, I still have half a watermelon in my fridge, so I might get creative this weekend…

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Carrot Soup and Stuffed Tomatoes

My husband and I used to have a system in our house where we would try to eat one vegetarian, one vegan, and one fish dish a week. This way, we were reducing our meat consumption each week by just a bit. When we started prepping for our move overseas, any kind of routine became pretty difficult and we sort of lost track of our old system. As we’re settling into a routine again, its time to get back to business, and I figured this was a good week to start.

I had eaten some Crema de Zanahoria at a local favorite restaurant recently and thought to myself, “there is no way I can’t make this at home.” After making a point to revisit the Fannie Farmer Cookbook this week, I went to do some recipe digging and as fate would have it, I found that it included a quite tasty-sounding recipe for carrot soup. I couldn’t be happier with the results; as Davis said, “this one is going into heavy rotation.”

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