Cream of Mushroom Soup

For my birthday this year, Davis bought me my long coveted The Art of French Cooking by the larger than life, Julia Child. I have had this on my Christmas list for about 5 years and at a certain point, I became determined that this must be a gift to me given to my by someone else and not something I would buy for myself. This year, I received an Amazon gift card from my father in law and decided “well heck, this is close enough” and resolved to purchase it for myself. Before I got a chance, true gem that he is, Davis had already picked me up a copy on a recent business trip in New York.

I have been dog-earring recipes to try all week. First on my list was Cream of Mushroom soup, which has been a long-standing contender on my favorite soup list. This version is definitely decadent but it made my husband, a former non-mushroom eater, actually ask for seconds. Not something Campbell’s can claim.

This recipe makes a lot for a two-person household, which is for the best considering our upcoming move. The frenzy has our household in a total tizzy, and we could benefit from some leftovers.

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